About The Avfund Group

Work with the Experts

The Avfund Group is the premier Company for real estate investors/ flippers in California. With over 35 years of extensive experience, The Avfund Group can assist you in funding your acquisitions. Whether it’s just remodeling and upgrading or adding square footage to the existing structure we can fund 100 % of the construction costs.

Avfund’s Fix & Flip loan programs assists you in the acquisition of distressed properties consisting of SFR and up to 4 units. It is our goal to assist you in leveraging your capital in order to acquire more properties. While most lenders only lend from 60 to 65% of the “after repair value” (ARV) of the property, Avfund will lend up to 75 % of the ARV.

Avfund prides itself in being more than a very competitive lender; we assist our investors in acquiring, purchasing, fixing and the resale of their properties.

Avfund also can assist in other private lending for equity loans, bridge loans and new construction.